Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Life-Globe Shaken

I apparently rely heavily on my habits and routines. Being taken out of my usual routines is both refreshing and discombobulating. (I love those words!)

After it was determined that my computer was "totaled" a few weeks ago, I decided to buy a brand new machine and to embark on the journey of transferring money and data. This has also entailed learning the latest operating system, rearranging files, and evaluating old digital baggage. (You can guess what comes next: Fling, fling, fling! haha)

So I've been transferring vital files from my old HD to my external HD and meanwhile streamlining the files on my new HD because apparently I have waaay too many photo files hogging space on the new machine. It's all so annoying tedious that I can barely restrain myself from rolling my eyes as I type the words. *yawn*

As much as I sometimes fantasize about my machine being wiped and having to rebuild from scratch (start over! start fresh! hack back the digital weeds!), that's not the fun and productive way to do it. I got the next best thing, though--all or most of my old files, but with an opportunity to restructure and reevaluate all the stuff that was there. So I've dropped a lot of my usual activities while dealing with the new situation.

It feels strange that I have not posted to Flickr in weeks, have not been keeping up with many of my usual blogs or networks, have not been writing as much as usual. Instead, I've been doing hard disk rearrangement and uh, yard work. It's so strange, this feeling, that I can just drop my digital world to the bare minimum and take on different real life projects. It's like traveling in the American SouthWest and breathing deeper from the wide open spaces. There is more space there.

Then on top of that, we just had a long holiday weekend, which we were happy to use to do as little as possible instead of rushing off to far off entertainments. OR rather, we did do a lot, but it was mostly garden work and reading fabulously distracting fiction and having dinner and games night with my sister and hubs. And cooking. And of course, all the rearranging of the data. And getting the new printer set up. Oh, did I mention the all-in-one printer. Cool, cool.

Both of these events has taken me out of my usual way and thrust me into an alternate zone of activity. It's so weird and discombobulating, yes, and refreshing too! What if you had to start over? I might be neglecting a few things (Oh, I just know I am), I might be losing a few things (it seems inevitable), but mostly I'm enjoying the sensation of being shook up, trying new patterns, and seeing where the elements of my life resettle. So I'm milking it until the new/old routines settle back into place.

I'll come back, I will. I'm just rearranging. Better! Faster! We have the technology!

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Lori said...

It's good to shake things up a bit once in a while although it's also nice to get back to your usual rhythm after awhile too.

I almost lost my entire email folder a while back and felt like I was losing part of me. It's kind of odd when I consider most of it was locked away unseen for years and quite possibly most won't ever be seen again. I was relieved to be able to retrieve most (at a cost, of course).

Way to go for getting out in your garden and enjoying the pleasure of your efforts. I've been rather negligent here so we are mostly just a batch of weeds now. Still okay for the big spider that keeps putting a web across our driveway though. :)