Tuesday, June 24, 2008

It's All About Food Now

I've been obsessed with food lately. What to cook, when to cook, what to buy, more stuff to try. When to eat, what to eat. What to eat when I can't eat.

Ugh. I'm almost sick of thinking about food.

I had been cooking well this Spring and Summer. Better, fresher food, ridiculously healthy and delicious. Yes, even yummy, fabulous food! Now it's more of a chore. What, again? Eat more of that, less of that.

This is all new to me, so please bear with me. I'm sure it'll settle out eventually. Next up: travel adventures.


Lori said...

Time to stop obsessing and stick to what appeals so you can obsess about more important things. LOL

Joy! said...

Lori: Well, I'm not really obsessing; I'm being oblique. And complaining. :) As soon as I figure out what appeals, for sure I will be on to new obsessions!

Lori said...

So your body is just so undecided right now, isn't it? Hmm...maybe a bit of mind control is required. :)

Maybe now's the time to try out all your recipes and see what works for you. Hope you figure it out soon.