Monday, March 9, 2009

Scenes From My Kitchen Table

A container of combined Cadbury milk chocolate eggs and Hershey's meltaway eggs, an empty container of chocolate n almond lace cookies, packages of yellow Easter peeps and chocolate mousse bunny peeps.

Two over-ripe bananas, two nearly-ripe avocados, four sweet potatoes past their prime, a tin of leftover Christmas cookies, a few sheets of leftover Christmas paper, my pizelle press.

A household budget book, a hand-held solar-powered calculator, a pen, and a card box full of receipts that need to be entered, a small stack of newspaper coupons.

Two large, square plastic boxes of breast-pump parts and bottle parts that are not currently in use, a clean towel with clean bottle parts laid out, the spare nipple shield, a microwave steam-clean bag for sterilizing parts, a pair of tongs for moving clean hot parts.

An extra large container of powdered formula, a small plastic box with a bottle of infant anti-gas drops and eyedropper for administering drops, unopened prescription eye drops, a damp baby washcloth, pre/post-natal vitamins.

A folded paper towel, formula dust, a silver-plated butter knife, a tall drinking glass, a small yellow plate with wavy edges and bread crumbs.

Ten packages of soft, brightly colored "sculpty" oven-bake clay.

Sunlight, dust motes.

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