Monday, February 1, 2010

*8 Things on My Bedside Table

Hiya, People. Long time no write. So let me get to it.

Here's another *8 Things* theme from Magpie Girl.

*8 Things on My Bedside Table

1. Alarm clock. I live with a compact travel alarm. Very light, very cleanly designed. The next thing about it is that it has a graduated alarm.

It starts out softly peeping. Peep-peep, peep-peep. Then it gets a little louder. Bee-beep! Bee-beep! Then it progresses to Be-be-be-Beep! Be-be-be-Beep! And then even louder. And finally (if I haven't woken up enough to turn it off yet, it screams at me. Beebeebeebeebeebeebee!

2. Large glow-in-the-dark stars and moons. I like how they continue to glow after I've turned out the light.

3. Half-egg shaped ceramic stoneware pinch-pot by potter Jim Thompson. This is the perfect shape to cradle in my palm.

4. Eye pillow. Just the right weight for tired eyes. Covered in vivid cranberry silk.

SP-Restful Pillows

5. Photo of my husband from early in our relationship.

6. Box of facial tissues.

7. Hand lotion. I am greedy for the little sample bottles of hand lotion from the Hampton Inn. Lovely stuff. You can't get it commercially other than by staying the night, so I am eking out the ones I have. Right next to the little bottles is a huge bottle of Aveeno hand lotion. My husband and I both adore Aveeno moisturizing products. Although they can be a little pricey, we haven't been able to talk ourselves out of buying them, because give us results!

8. A very small, glossy print of one of Mary Cassett's mother-and-child paintings, cut out from a calender I had some twenty years ago. Before I was a mother, this reminded me of the tender feelings of parenting. When I was trying to have children, this kept some snuggly baby energy in my life, even when it was too painful to think about. Since my daughter has come into my life, it still sits propped up on the photo of my husband because it still has lovely energy.

Now, I actually have tons more nearby and at hand because I really have a bedside bookshelf, but let's stick with the top. :)

How about you? What sits on your bedside table?

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