Saturday, March 27, 2010

Things I am Loving This Week

It's been a good week. It's been a good couple of weeks, even. Some things stand out.

Things I am Loving This Week Month

Dancing and moving within the dance/pattern of the community. Abandoning myself to the joy in the dance.

Smiling so much my face muscles hurt almost as as my feet.

Pale purple hyacinths, luxurious color, luxurious scent.

Being reminded of Mary Oliver poems.

A blustery hour when the chill wind contrasts with the warmth that has come before.

Cadbury milk chocolate Easter eggs.

Watching the little girl decide to try eating things like carrots and yellow squash, bok choy, even, for heaven sakes!

The sound the little girl makes when she's engaged with something she finds delightful - scrambled egg, soft fuzzy teddy bear, the cat's tail brushing by.

And a few more to keep up my morale while I recover from an injury.

Little girl Summer shirts.

Meeting hip neighbors in unexpected places.

Flannel pants in irresistibly cozy-cheerful prints.

Seeing slivers of baby molar break through.

Stealing "couple time" in the evening.

Vermont "roots" music and old-English harmonies.

Baby learning to make animal noises. Hoo!hoo! Oo-oo-oo-ah! Bzz! Muuuh.

Flamboyantly wine-colored sugar berry blossoms.

Seeing friends after a long time without contact: Out-of-state friend blowing into town for an evening. Comfortably hanging out with college friend and her family, playing with the kids. Dance friends including us in a pizza run for food, conversation and silliness.

House renovations creating views of space and light.

Humorous commiseration with Mom friend about ummm, life after baby. :)

Singing Here Comes The Sun as the morning light gets into our eyes.

Blowsy trees blooming pink and white, blowing petals across the yard in a rain storm.

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