Sunday, May 23, 2010

Small Accomplishments with Summer Downpours

Some of my small accomplishments today:

Slept in a reasonable hour, but then got out of bed without audible whining.

Emailed two of my cousins about when we might visit them next month. Clarified days and possible times.

Looked at a friend's pictures.

Read about the wreck/salvage story of the Steamboat Arabia.
One of my historian friends made the trek to Kansas City, Missouri to view the site and salvage remains recently.

Logged off the computer after short sessions.

Finished two different graphic novels by Neil Gaiman. Magic and Death. I enjoyed both of them in different ways.

Washed dishes after every meal.

Wiped down high chair.

Spritzed ants with vinegar water. It confuses them so they don't come back.

Put away clean dishes from the dishwasher.

Cooked up a pan of vegetables for the our lunch and actually got the little girl to try them. She likes broccoli and green beans when they are sauteed with garlic and curry paste.

Washed the cast iron skillet and re-seasoned it with oil.

Cleaned and shined the bath tub, including swiping the crud that builds up on the corners. Then I enjoyed taking a bath!

Containerized all toys before bed.

Changed several diapers, poopy and otherwise.

Didn't get annoyed when the little girl threw her juice or milk cup on the floor.

Cut up apple and banana for the little girl.

Cut up a small watermelon with a melon baller.

Ate good food myself including fruit and the aforesaid vegetables.

Neatened crib.

Brought in mail, prepared outgoing bills, read city newsletter.

Read local newspaper, worked a few puzzles.

Make grocery lists.

Took pictures of my cabinet storage.

Snuggled cats.

Pulled up and restraightened coverlet on bed.

Retrieved dirty clothes for laundry hampers.

Pre-tore a stack of soft bath tissue for butt wipes. This is our new strategy for dealing with the little girl's sensitive bottom.

Logged in some of the new baby clothing on my clothing spreadsheet. This is just to keep track of what I have and where our clothing gaps are.

Thought about the question "If you had to get rid of half of your stuff, what would you keep?"

Sorted drawer of long-sleeved shirts into To Give Away, To Keep, and On Probation.

Tried on stack of loungewear pants, decided which to keep (one pair out of the pile).

Reorganized some blouses in the closet.

Updated travel packing list.

Thought about possible quilting project with yummy colors/prints I already have.

Sneakily listened to music clips of possible birthday present for DH.

Stepped up to soothe when little girl got fussy. Poor baby has a runny nose today. Wiped nose repeatedly.


Sang bedtime songs.

Wrote another post.

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