Thursday, December 1, 2011

FlyLady Report - almost Winter edition

FlyLady likes to call Wednesday "Anti-Procrastination Day," and so this week I was pushing myself to take care of a few things.

I cleaned out the fridge to some degree, especially the drawers. Wiped down the areas that I cleared out.

I threw out a bunch of things I've been meaning to ditch. The exact items escape me!

I called an estranged relative to wish them a happy birthday (they weren't in so I left a message).

I also sent a package and then went to the mall to catch a visit to Santa if we could (more about that later).

I replaced the furnace filter and vacuumed the old one. It's one of those filter you can clean, so we alternate between two of them.

I swept the floor.

Oo, and today I washed a bunch of random items that hang around my sink. AND I scrubbed down both sides of my kitchen sink. Mm, shiny!

I mixed up two kinds of cookie dough in preparation for Christmas cookie baking.

I called one of my friends I hadn't talked to in a long while and set up a playdate at a local children's museum.

I took at loooooong nap. I've been needing one of those!

I've been working away at clearing the living room, sorting which toys to store away during the Christmas season. Need to make room for the tree, ya know.

What things do you need to do that you've been putting off? Or just needing to fit into your schedule?

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