Sunday, April 14, 2013

Bye, Bye, Baby (Clothes)

Spring haz sprung,
Da kid is riz
I wunder where
dat little girl iz.
Dat little girl is all armz and legz
And her clothes?
Dey are last year's dregs.
After having several days with high temperatures in the mid-80s (that's hot in Fahrenheit for those of you used to Celsius), I can confirm it's officially Spring. At first we went out bundled in our usual layers and found ourselves needing to shed. We had to suddenly scrounge for short-sleeved shirts and retire the thermal underwear. We can get away with bare legs and little skirts, even. The heavier fleece pullovers are gone gone gone for the season.

Well, that was sudden. We had sleet a week before that. I don't think cold weather is coming back. Sorry, South Dakota (ye who are suffering an April snow storm).

I had been thinking that the days of certain clothing was numbered, what with the little girl's expanding arms and legs, and the certainty that she will not fit into certain items by next year. Now it's official. It's goodbye, cute sweet shirts.  Good bye cute little wool socks. Good bye red moose shirt, which is already a little small. *sniff sniff*

Her pink fleece jacket started out large on her last Fall, and is now well-outgrown. I supposed it's good that Spring finally arrived so we wouldn't have to keep futilely trying to yank the sleeves down over her wrists.

I'm now in the process of washing all the winter clothing for storage or passing on. Yes, the warm weather came on so suddenly, we still have some dirty wool socks and fleece hidden in the laundry baskets. While finishing up one one load, I came across the long sleeved shirt the little girl has managed to wear for her last two birthdays. We call it "the hot chocolate" shirt because it has what appears to be a mug of cocoa on the front. It's all very pink and grey-stripy, very cute.  It's too warm to wear it, now. I doubt the little girl will every wear it again. The same with several other long-sleeved favorites.

I've been unearthing several boxes of Summer-wear I had stashed away for right about now. In one short-sleeved shirt, the little girl's arms suddenly looked extra long. Where has she been hiding those arms all Winter? She's worked up only a quarter inch in the last couple months, but those arms, and legs... whoo! Watch out!

I'm resigning myself to passing on those favorite clothes. The fab hot pink flowery thermals that she has been steadily outgrowing since February are destined for the consignment sale. Some other little girl's parent will be delighted to find thermals for under $15-25 per piece. I'm thinking I'll let them go for $4 each, maybe $3 since they look a little scruffy. There is lots of life left in them, but not for this little girl! Next year, she'll be growing into her big green stripy thermals, the ones that have been a little big on her all Winter. In fact, she'll probably be outgrowing them this time next year.

Bye, bye, little girl clothes! Go forth and make some other little girl warm and happy!

Hello, new big girl clothes! Hello, new Big Girl!

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