Thursday, April 3, 2008

A Thai Foodie Moment

A certain grant application was accepted. Woot! I didn't even have to plant the suggestion that we eat out to celebrate. I did suggest the Thai Cafe, though. Good choice. 'Twas yummy.

I started with a cup of coconut soup with tofu. It also had fresh mushroom and green onion floating in it. Great for an appetizer!

For my entree, I had a red curry with stir fried vegetables. I love that sweet undertone with the spice. My husband went for the spicy cashew veggie stir fry, which was even spicier than mine! We felt it was somehow wrong to eat any of this with a fork, so we went with chopsticks all the way. But my curry was just soupy enough that my rice would fall in, and and I'd be chasing it around, trying to fish it out. It needed a critical mass of rice to overcome the curry melting tendencies. Oh! It was good! I have some leftovers I'll eat for lunch or a light snack tomorrow.

Oh! And *then* I had a small ramekin of creme brulée! Excuse me, but I cannot figure out/remember how to spell it, though I can say it.

This was delectable. The smoothest sweet cream custard ever + crunchy burnt-marshmallow crust on top. Mmmm-MM! I could have sworn that I have eaten this before, but *this* tasted better than anything I remember having before. Maybe I'm thinking of flan.

By the time I was half way through, I was wondering to myself how hard it would be to make this at home... and if I could get the ramekins even smaller so the portion would be manageable. I might be compelled to get some ramekins for just such a purpose!! Oh my gosh! Another excuse to get another piece of kitchen equipment. (Pauses to give myself a talking to. You know we are trying to clear out all our clutter and extraneous stuff!)
Well, it's a thought...

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