Monday, April 7, 2008

Teh Plan

I am trying to get back into quilting again.

Again? Tee hee! Not that I have ever accomplished that much in the past to begin with. I've worked on projects in fits and starts. Sometimes I actually finish something.

Most often, I can barely decide on one plan before another variation entices me... So many ideas, so little attention span! And also, so many options and variations. Is it any wonder that it's so hard to start, much less finish, a project?

What I enjoy doing most is playing with the colors and textures, patterns and fabric, combining and shaping (I was great at this when I was in picture framing). yeah, the construction is nice, but the planning is the fun part for me. The plan, the plan! Maybe the anticipation is what I excel at, exploring all the possibilities. Oo!

Meanwhile, I have accumulated a lot of equipment and fabric over the last umpteen years with the idea that I will make beautiful things. Maybe this time (again) I will make it happen. I have a vision floating before me.... and fabric to make it happen. I hope that vision will sustain me long enough to make headway before I change my mind yet again...

Leafy green with soft greens, blues and purples offset by peachy warm desert tones... I can see it!

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