Saturday, September 6, 2008

Yay, posting!

Okay, so I have been very lax about writing in the last month. I write everything in my head... I think about posts, and maybe even type a few fragments... and then I sigh and try to think of what I should eat next. This pregnancy is shrinking my attention span to the size of a large gnat, it is. Even accomplishing small things during each day is an accomplishment. A load of laundry? Okay! Got dressed before noon? Yay! Took out the trash? Oo, I cooked something, even. So actually posting has been an uphill battle. I can barely bring myself to bother about things I'm supposed to worry about. Must be the endorphins? Whateverrr.

However, finslippy recently had an excellent post on writing and the creative process. Keeping the doing alive. Or something. Don't rely on me to tell you all about it. Anyway, it's been a nice kick-start, a bony finger prodding me in the butt, saying pisst! Hey! Don't you have things to write? Yeah, I do.

A small quote from Mizz Finslippy excerpted from that same post:

It's a miracle that I get anything done, I'm so busy giving myself a hard time.
But everyone does this. This is how the mind works to stop you from writing. Creating is scary, and your brain wants you to run from scary things. For some reason it forgets about the rewards that come from risk.

Go read it. There's more good stuff and I can't just quote the whole thing.

Here's to every small accomplishment and keeping "the doing" alive. Yay, posting!

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