Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Starting Off December - SWDB

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For Today...December 2nd, 2008

Outside my Window...crinkled dried leaves, some of them nondescript brown, some of them (on the maple) dark red.

Towards a daily rhythm...making lists and checking off tasks. Tracking down those little details and clearing space for new projects. Working ahead on my preferred elements of Christmas.

I am thinking...about whether to take on a new student for the next few months. It would be enjoyable and reasonably lucrative, but possibly intense (every weekday). I don't think I have the energy and attention to manage 5 days a week with everything else going on.

I am thankful for...friends, friends and more friends. Friends who pass on cribs and give out smiles, and give me the benefit of their wisdom and experience. Friends who cook food for me or meet me for lunch. Friends who plan parties so that we can eat, sing, and make merry in the company of community.

From the kitchen...a big plate of broccoli and yellow squash with a little cheese. Also, some tuna noodle casserole - pure comfort food.

I am wearing...a purple "Planetary Peace" T-shirt and my brown yoga pants. Also my favorite black fleece pullover. And loose-fitting socks.

I am reading...three books at once: Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver (I love, love, love this book!), The Passion Dream Book by Whitney Otto (a cross-era mix of fact/fiction, story/history by the same author who wrote How to Make an American Quilt), and Special Topics in Calamity Physics, a novel by Marisha Pessl (on loan from my niece after she raved about it for a year). My cup runneth over! Also, I'm enjoying reading three strong writings by authors who happen to be women.

I am creating...another list of nutritional goals for the next couple months. I know I could do better. More protein, more veggies, and all that.

I am hoping...that my next 3-hour glycol test shows that my blood sugar is doing fine, thank you.

I am hearing...some wonderful tunes by FloorPlay, and a few French carols in my head.

I am going to breathe deeply...and try to not flinch when my daughter kicks me hard in a soft spot. She's exploring all the corners and trying to push out the walls, too. I'm also trying to find more patience for my perpetually needy cats.

Around the house...I've been digging into random corners and finding more things to either re-file in the basement or give away completely. Just today, I've found stuff in the bedroom, office, kitchen and living room to clear out.

Bring beauty to my home...I bought some pansies and violas (mini pansies) for the winter garden. In this area, pansies don't do well in the summer but they over-winter beautifully. This year, I have mostly purple and cream, deep purple, and orange. I also found some wonderful sherbert-colored ones mixing purple-blues and peach colors. I enjoy mixing warm and cool colors and I'm looking forward to having more color, period, in the garden.

One of my favorite things...planning to buy tickets for the annual Christmas choral concert coming up. Beautiful choral music makes it Christmas for me.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...mix up some batches of cookie dough, cut back old garden brush and make headway on the cards.

Here is some picture thoughts I am sharing with you...

Frost Line Reflections

Criss Crossing Frost Dark

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