Thursday, January 29, 2009

Signs that I am not pregnant any more

You may have discerned that I am not longer pregnant. Me too! Every so often, it hits me. For instance, when I notice:

1. Well, I have a baby! That's most obvious. Other signs include:

2. My fingernails start cracking and peeling. Back to my sucky nails, yes. When I was pregnant, they were freakin hard as, well, nails.

3. I can bend over and retrieve stuff off the ground! Wow! This is a novelty. I'm still not allowed to pick up anything heavier than 10 lbs, but still!

4. I don't need to eat every two hours. Now I need to pump/feed child every 2-3 hours. Similar, but different.

5. I can turn over in bed without major contortions.

6. Also, my hips don't pop when I turn over.

7. I can fit into early-pregnancy clothing again. Yes, I can wear those pants. Notice I did not say *pre*pregnancy.

8. I can lean over to flush the toilet without bracing myself against the wall.

9. People call me "mommy." Okay, they called me mommy before, but now they mean it.

10. My shoe laces are now tied mostly straight.

11. People have stopped trying to rub my belly.

12. I can see below the belly-button.

13. i can look behind me when I'm backing out of a parking space.

14. Water tastes good to me again.

15. My face looks slimmer rather than fuller (I'm told).

16. My wedding rings fit on my hand again!

It's sinking in. No more tracking my dietary intake. No more ignoring the state of the litter box. No more enduring pregnancy advice. Oh, wait; now on to parenting advice. Oh, joy. But it (being a parent, no longer pregnant) is, actually; it's a joy.

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Janna said...

Ahh... isn't it a strange feel to NOT be pregnant anymore?

Thanks for visiting my blog. I really am okay with my modest success, I am happy with the readers I have. Frankly any more would be overwhelming because I like to try and respond to everyone in some way. I just was embarrassed that I post and tweet so much that people thought I was really trying to make a career out of it. The loserish thing was just me being silly, because I do spend so much time online, which I didn't think anyone but my family noticed. Maybe I should change the title so it is more clear.