Saturday, January 24, 2009

Small Accomplishments

I had minor goals today. And I accomplished several. Hooray for small accomplishments!

1. Got more that 4 hours of sleep at a time. We've been staggering our sleeping so we each get more uninterrupted stretches. This morning I woke after a *six* hour stretch, Lux-ury!

2. Took a bath. Oh yeah, this was a good one. And I managed to not fall over or soak my incision.

3. Washed dishes. This is one thing that makes me feel like the house isn't sliding out of control. My strategy: One small wash a day, regardless of how many or few. These are the other, everyday dishes; the breast pump parts get washed, on average, 8 times a day, not including the sterilizing brisk boil once a day.

4. Went for a walk in the park. Whoo-hoo! We knew it was supposed to be relatively nice weather, so we had planned for it. Still took us a while to get out. We had to work around feedings and naps for the three of us, but it was worth it. We went for a walk down the greenway with the snow still clumped alongside the path and felt sooo daring. haha! We also let baby girl know that this was one of those family things she should expect now that she's part of the family. Walking and hiking, oh my.

5. Remembered to eat the double chocolate ice cream Mr Sweetie picked up for us yesterday from a local dairy. Seriously delicious. No need to let that languish.

6. Took a short nap. This is very hard for me. When I have any available time, I always think about all the things I want to accomplish. So to actually *lie down* and even sleep for only a short time was tremendous.

7. Made new folders for baby-related paper. Health info and appliance manuals and that sort of thing. Might as well start being organized now.

8. Typed this entire post with one hand. One handed typing - whoo-hoo! And thus ends this day.


Carmen said...

I'm assuming by this post that baby is here! Congratulations!

Janna said...

Congratulations again!

Be careful about the sleep, the more you get, the more you want it (& get greedy about it).