Monday, February 23, 2009


Last week, a friend sent me a wonderful little package in the mail with little gifties for myself and the Kidlet. Each item was wrapped in some way, different kinds of envelopes and wrapping paper. It was all so delightful that I lingered over the unwrapping. One small, cute package was wrapped in colorful frog paper. I found myself being tempted to leave that wrapped just to savor the thrill of having something to unwrap!

Ahh, anticipation is such fun.

Or is anticipation is a large portion of the fun? Unwrapping, wondering, letting the wash of happiness that someone gave something to you wash over you, then marinading in well-being. Happy, happy.

Why get exactly what you want, as soon as you want it, when you can wonder what it is you are getting? It's that crest of the wave before things are known.

How much each gift gains from being hidden and presented.

It's knowing that someone thought of you and is bestowing some special thing. It's knowing that they anticipate in their own way, how much you will be surprised and appreciative of their choice. It's knowing that something is entering your life as a new thing.

It's knowing how easily one could miss the gift if one didn't have to wait some small or large amount of time to receive it.

A baby gestates, a package arrives, a date on the calendar slowly creeps forward, seasons shift and turn, a face long-anticipated comes into view. The wave gathers energy and rolls into your life. It's a good thing in the scheme of things.

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