Monday, November 15, 2010

I couldn't go to sleep last night, but still somehow never got around to writing anything.

I had been busy all day catching up with lots of big and little jobs. Everything from mixing up yet another batch of cookie dough to cleaning out a box for craft supplies, to airing out the tent. To watering the plants, to cleaning out the cars, to putting away the little girls books and toys that pile up in drifts, to giving the cat his injection, to confirming plans with my cousins. To clipping coupons, to wiping noses, to washing/drying/folding/putting away yet another load of laundry, to feeding myself a late night snack of toast and tea while reading on my latest library book so that I could settle down enough to sleep.

I get like this sometimes: full of vigor and focused purpose. It's the lists, probably, and eating well, all those vitamins in the green leafy things, and the threat of my time cut short - getting ready for a trip while waiting for the contractor to show up - can you say a leetle tense? Maybe not so much tense as motivated!

Items still on my lists:

Clear kitchen counter for contractor (load dishwasher, wash plastic lids, finish making that batch of cookies)

Work on my next program (coming up this weekend, lots to arrange and think about)

Call bank (they've reset my password without telling me and how can I transfer money to pay the contractor without knowing my current balance?)

Write bills (this is easy enough when I do it as I go along)

Email the yardwork guys (I have high hopes, but it may wait until after Thanksgiving)

Cut felt for the Advent calendar (I am behind, but I need a bit of space to work)

Mail chocolate to my friend in the middle of a stressful move (It's in the package, needs stamps)

Cut back the lantana (This monstrosity takes over my front garden bed every Summer, but it's pretty and the butterflies and occasional hummingbird likes it. But then it stinks and gets all hard-thorny if I wait too long)

Call/email the maternal support program at the local health center. (I have boxes and boxes of clothes to pass on to them)

Finish photobook (I have a good deal, but I have to finish it before the end of the week! Yeek!)

Send my sister her birthday card/present

Write check for the cat sitters

Deliver key to the cat sitters

Return library books before we leave town!

Deliver the old-time music CD to a caller friend (good prep for her next gig)

Start packing

Follow up on the energy retrofit (We are on to the second round of forms and applications - yay for tax credits!)

Wash the kitchen floor (it always needs it)


Wait! wait! There's more! Wait! Come back!
Oh, never mind. You get the idea. :)

With a toddler around, everything takes longer. No wonder I have a hard time going to sleep - even after she's down, I want to cram in as much as I can! The lists help me keep everything on track.

But really, I need my sleep. As much as I am motivated about tackling things left undone, I need to toddle off to bed. At least I wrote a little tonight.


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