Monday, April 22, 2013

ten good things: might be Spring edition

1. The garden scene that greets me when I go our my front door every morning. Irises, especially! Smells like grape juice! the little girl says.

2. Working hard on the things I am not so good at, and getting better, slowly.

3. New seasonal clothes sorted and organized, old seasonal clothes packed away, ready for donation.

4. One last shot of cool-weather Spring. Yes, we turned the heat back on.

5. The little girl telling me she's going to take a walk (around the house) before coming in. Last minute walk about. Don't get lost, talk to strangers, or step on any poison ivy, thanks. 

6. Beautiful found scarves and accessories. Vera scarf FTW! That's Vera Neumann. Look her up!

7. A red-shouldered hawk hovering high up then suddenly diving for a fish. Sploosh!

8. My current students and their individual quirks, interests, and learning patterns.

9. The ability to turn off the news and go about my day.

10. Silly songs from the little girl. And new variations thereof. 

Bonus: Itty bitty shark teeth... with teeth. 


1 comment:

Flying Saucer Jones said...

Shark teeth? I knew it. Don't go in the water they said. Now jaws is coming out of the water.