Wednesday, April 10, 2013

This is My Brain on Sugar Withdrawal

My brain keeps talking to me like my toddler, or maybe like a canny 4th grader.
How about some ice cream? 
Oh, that would be lovely, but you know what? No can do.  
Oh, look! There's some mint candy. You know how you enjoy that.  
Yeah, but, no.   
Want another piece of chocolate? 
I just had one, thanks.  
Oo, let's stop for a frozen palleta! We haven't had one in a while.  
Yup, we haven't. We're not eating that.  
What about that ice cream over there?  

It's surprising the things your brain will say to you when one is attempting behavior modification.

My brain is bargaining, wheedling, coaxing, distracting, seeking food for soothing, food for distraction, food for the excuse to avoid or start a task, food for avoidance.  Wow, that is a lot of energy going into obtaining snacks, and sugary food in particular. This is what I've discovered since I decided to attempt a little sugar abstinence: my brain talks a lot.

By the time I hit on this idea, it was already well into Lent, and anyhoo, I'm not following that calendar, and besides, there was too much Easter candy coming my way, plus my sister's birthday is coming up where there would be cake and ice cream, most definitely.

I could do it in reverse! I could eat all the sweets I wanted before Easter, and then cut back on sugar after Easter! For several weeks, say, til my next hair appointment. Reverse Lent! Yes! That gave me a few weeks to get used to the idea.

Sugar in candy, ice cream, and cake, nope. Sugar in my tea, well, just a little, but about a third as much as usual. Orange juice, okay in small servings. Honey, ehhh, I'm not really a fan. Chocolate, yes but only dark and in moderation. I don't know if one should live without chocolate.

I'm not a purist, you might have noticed. I have no intention of giving up sugar for good. Nope, no food dogma for me. My dietary changes are modest. I just need to knock down my habitual sugar cravings a little.

But my brain, my brain! My toddler could take nagging lessons from my brain.
How about some toffee? 
Just a little bite?  
No, sorry.  
You don't have to shout. We're not eating that, and you don't even like that variety.
Oo, ice cream! I would loooove some ice cream.  
Sorry, hon. How about some peanut-butter celery instead?  
But, the ice cream!  
Don't look; have some celery instead.  
Yummm. Celery. I loooove celery with peanut butter.  
Well, there you go.  
Too bad we don't have some ice cream for later.  
I know. 

The funny thing is, when I was indulging in candy before Easter, I started to feel a little sick of it. I sampled a couple of the jelly beans that I'd set aside for the little girl, and almost immediately felt the sugar rush. A rush? More like a sugar shock! Yuck. So I portioned out a few of everything for her basket, and threw the rest away. Weird, right? My body just does not like having that intense sugar shock. Now to let my brain catch up with my body.
Ice creeeeaaaaam! 
Now, hush. 

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Flying Saucer Jones said...

Ah, sugar
Ohhh, honey, honey,
You are my candy girl

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