Friday, November 7, 2008

Daily Rhythms and Other Challenges (SWDB)

The Simple Woman's Daybook for NaBloPoMo

For Today...Friday, November 7th

Outside my Window...drifts of willow oak leaves and maples turning yellow and orange. Late sunlight hitting the tops of the trees.

Towards a daily rhythm...I find it hard to keep up with the piles on my desk. I try to put away things as I finish using them and junk the stuff I don't use. It's easy to put away things that have a definite home - it's quick and satisfying - but there are too many things that do not have a home! I am trying to remedy that. I am really tired of piles. Part of the problem is that I still have too many things from past lives, bulky stuff from past careers taking up space. However, I keep at it.

I am thinking...that I have so many projects clamoring for my attention that I don't even time to read much these days.

I am thankful for...a car with good gas mileage! Even if it's not quite as great as the old Honda.

From the kitchen...I'm saving seeds from the heirloom sweet peppers for another season. These are not commercial seeds, although sometimes you can buy them. The friend who promotes biodiversity (who I inherited them from originally) says, "Give them away! Give them to everybody!" So I save the seeds and keep planting!

Second Round of Sweet Peppers

I am wearing...brown yoga pants with a wide waistband and a stretchy aqua top that shows off the belly. And sneakers and earrings.

I am reading...Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way by Susan McCutcheon-Rosegg with Peter Rosegg. We'll start childbirth classes in the next couple of weeks, but we are getting a head start by reviewing this reference (which I've owned for years). It was published in 1984 and has a semi-preachy-dogmatic tone, but it still contains lots of good information about the labor process and relaxation tools. Trained observation and relaxation, yu-huh!

I am creating...yet another dance program. It's one of those seat-of-the-pants programs. I have ideas, now to make decisions by tomorrow morning.

I am hoping...that our long traveling odyssey this weekend won't kill me too badly. 2.75 hours, plus 3.5 hours, plus 5+ hours plus a 10-15 minute rest break for every hour plus meals = yikes! On the upside, it won't be all at once.

I am hearing...The Elftones (fiddle and guitar) playing a lively reel.

I am going to breathe deeply...and try to not worry about weird little things bugging me that are probably nothing.

Around the house...putting away or throwing out the remaining Halloween candy. I put favorite candy in a couple of small tins where they are out of sight but stored for future snacking. The rest, I ditch with no guilt!

Bring beauty to my home...a big square feather pillow with inter-nested squares of soft taupes, browns, creams, blues and greens. It'll go great either in the bedroom or with the new living room chair we anticipate buying soon.

One of my favorite things...frozen Mexican palletas (pops) in refreshing and unique flavor combinations. This week's favorite: cherry/red currant. Yummm! SO good! I could rave about this at length! (I would happily eat this every day, but we already tried that last year and it was hard on both waistline and budget.)

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...laundry, dishes, travel, play, work, read, practice, an IKEA stop, meeting friends for dinner before the dance, and yet another lesson plan.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...

Cherry-Red Currant

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