Sunday, November 16, 2008

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A few things I did today:
for NaBloPoMo

Caught up on sleep. Woke up at various times as Mr. Sweetie called me at various junctures in his journey. I'm almost tempted to take the next road trip with him, but you know how well that's been going recently... i.e. not comfortably.

Reviewed my last gig. I tend run over the teaching of specific dances in my mind, even when I'm half asleep. It's like running a movie clip again, noticing and reviewing all the little details.

Ate more cheesy-egg-pasta-broccoli casserole.

Read a few blogs. Among others, I dug through several back-months of dooce's daily photo feature. I like the little story vignettes she offers with each image.

Watched old Michael Jackson music videos on YouTube and was transported back in time. I noticed that his dancing was rather lame, I mean, undeveloped in the early ones until he really got his unique dancing style going. Of course, the earlier music videos did not take advantage of real storylines and visual construction other than some visual fluff. The later videos are much more effective and accomplished. Somebody got himself a good director.

Contemplated trimming my hair. Put it off another day.

Wondered why some people have not out-grown being passive aggressive assholes even at their advanced age. And why I need to suffer them.

Snuggled cats.

Squirted cats.

Folded clean laundry, brought it upstairs and put it away.

Attempted to start cleaning off one of my desks. Hey, it's a start! I can even see the surface again! Woot!

Helped Mr. Sweetie check off all the parts and packages of the cabinets he brought home today to confirm that we have everything we think we have. A good match between his muscle and determination and my organizational tendencies. Alpha-coded by cabinet (e.g. corner wall and 18" base) and piled according to whether they are wall or base cabinets. Lots of bases, shelves, drawers, drawer dampers, hinges and doors. They only thing missing was the knobs. Oops! It's okay, honey, we can always get knobs later.

Reveled in the new chair and pillow combo. And leeeeean back!

Forgot to report on last week's class. Oh. Yeah.

Played semi-mindless games. For those times that I don't have a full attention span to spare.

Knocked out a NaBloPoMo post in __ minutes flat!

Remembered too late that I have memes at my disposal. Oh, well!

I'll be baaaack tomorrow!

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