Sunday, May 17, 2009

Opening the Channels

Yesterday, I danced with great energy as I haven't been able to do for months and months. I snagged some of my favorite partners, twirled and stamped and poured myself into the music and the pattern. So deeply fun and soul-satisfying, not holding back any reserves but enjoying the moment wholly, yes, the Joy! of that movement, every moment.

And today, I put on a little music and danced around some more for my own entertainment. I could have just sat (it's so easy to just sit), but I needed to move. To get up and boogie, so to speak.

Then today, I not only bought some new seedlings (varieties of tomato, basil, marigold), but I planted all of those seedlings in the garden this early evening while dodging mosquitoes and working up a sweat. All new seedlings in the ground and accounted for plus a volunteer tomato plant moved. Ha!

And if that weren't enough, we went for a walk around the longer loop of our neighborhood this evening. We ran into friends for part of our loop, friends with a distractible dog, so we talked and and talked and veered back and forth across the street as we met one scent or that other puppy, and generally charged up and down the hills at a good pace.

So then I was really tired and sweaty, but still in a good mood, still raring to go, still energized.

As with writing or painting, creating: you do a little, and it feeds the energy to do even more. If I am feeling tired or unmotivated, the answer apparently is NOT to rest so much. It may be that I have been feeling sluggish from disuse. FlyLady says This month we are "Moving in May." And I say, Yes, yes. Yes, we are!

I am moving to the beat, pushing ahead, doing more, flexing those energies, and feeling the old channels open up and become flushed with new work. This body may run heavy from the work of bearing a child, but the muscles are eager to get back to other work.

Dance! Walk! Talk! Write! Share! Craft! Move! This body, this person loves letting the energy flow along the pathways anew.

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