Monday, May 25, 2009

Thank Goodness For Small Accomplishments

I'm feeling vaguely disgruntled this evening, mentally stomping around in a snit or sighing in discouragement. I think it was because I couldn't find the fabric for the new curtains that I'd hoped to work on this weekend. Or there might be some other reasons piling up. In any case, I need to remind myself of some of my recent accomplishments.

1. Changed the porch light light bulb. This only took me a couple months.

2. Breastfed. Granted, I do this several times a day, but still. Whoo!

3. Moved the iris in the front garden. They'd been overwhelmed by the lantana for some many years that they don't have breathe to even bloom. I've given them a sunnier, more prominent spot where hopefully they will be happier. Lots of little babies too. Maybe next Spring I'll see blooms again.

4. Washed dishes. Oh yeah, this is always good. Especially when I made headway against the oily mess of dishes we made for the potluck. The countertop is clear again, if only for a few hours.

5. Logged and sorted more clothing. Another friend gave us a yet another tub of children's clothing. I love it when people pass on nice clothing for the little wookie, but it takes everything out of me to keep up. Sorting and logging them in is another step in keeping up so that I don't have bags and tubs and piles of mixed clothing lying around.

6. Wiped down and put away the pizelle press. This has been sitting on my kitchen table since early December. At first, I thought I might make a few more batches of pizelles for gifts, but then I turned into that last item I had to clean before putting away.

7. Cleaned up cat hairballs. Cleaned up baby spit. 'Nuff said.

8. Filed baby's recent checkup paperwork.

9. Sorted and stored toys that are not yet developmentally appropriate. The same friend who recently gave us clothes also passed on some very nice toys. Right now we are at the rattle stage, so the more complex blocks and pieces need to be kept out of the flow until the little wookie can actually appreciate them.

10. Took newspapers out to recycling. No more piles on the floor, couch, coffee table.

11. Clipped coupons. I had a back log of several weeks worth. I haven't bothered much with coupons recently, but have discovered that we actually buy some products that will benefit now.

12. Paid bills. AND remembered to put on an extra stamp. Darn postage increase.

13. Did two loads of laundry. Wash, dry, fold, put away. That includes an extra rinse cycle due to the quirkiness of our basement plumbing.

14. Deleted a bunch of old emails. It's a never-ending stream, and I have a tendency to want to save everything, so I have to keep at it or I end up with 2000+ read emails sitting in my inbox. After I post this, I'm going to delete a few more that showed up this evening.

15. Bought vegetable seedings and then *planted* them before they got dried up. Tomatoes, basil and marigolds - whoo-hoo! I also water the mint and some sweet peppers seedlings that I'd started from seed. I am psyched to have plantings in the ground. It's much harder to get anything done with the kidlet, so this is a big deal for me.

16. Threw out some old plastic garden pots. Things broken, beat up or no longer needed. And no, don't need to save them for someday. It's much the same as with the emails; I keep throwing things away periodically.

17. Steam-sterilized bottles in microwave. I love my microwave sterilizing bags.

18. Got a little extra sleep. Seize the Zees!

19. Cleaned the lens on my digital camera. Got rid of some of the fog that has built up on the lens.

20. Cut up melon. This helps makes sure it gets eaten!

21. Scrubbed down the bath tub. I love the feeling and look of a freshly cleaned tub! All shiny and sparkling.

22. Picked up trash in the yard and threw it out. Various items of trash manage to fall into our yard on a regular basis from at least three directions. Like the email, I have to keep picking it up and throwing it out.

23. Returned library books and got new ones.

24. Went grocery shopping. I often go late at night when there are few people around, but this week I went in daylight. All those people to dodge! But I snagged a few sales, got everything I needed, and still kept the bill down (under $80). I went through the line with my favorite, long-time checker and he thanked me for bagging my own groceries. Okay, now I can survive the rest of the week if need be.

23. Wrote another post. Yea! And now to bed.

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