Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Eyes Crossed For the Camera

Now is the 52 Weeks self-portraits equivelant of photographing oneself making bored or silly faces. I've exhausted my original favorite topics and energy for NaBloPoMo. The barrel of inspiration is low, so I am scraping the bottom of it. *kkrrittchh! kkrrittchh!*

Here are some things I deal with while writing:

The cats being annoying. They go into the corner to find some plastic to chew or cardboard to shred. They only do it to be obsessive and annoying. While I'm trying to think creatively, it wears on my brain and my nerves. It's almost as annoying as them whining for food several hours before dinner time or running back and forth and crying just as I'm trying to put the little girl down to sleep.

Trying to remember how to spell words correctly so the little red underlines go away. Case in point: equivilent. Or is that equivelant? equivilant? equivalent!

I can't decide on a topic. Or I have a cool topic and find myself bored by my own writing. Well, it happens.

I'm hungry and haven't eaten, but have no time to consider what I should eat. Or the little girl is hungry and I have to hack something out knowing that she's waiting for me.

I have to fend off giving up this whole writing project. Why am I doing this, again? Oh, right. Stretching my writing muscles.

I also get annoyed by my tendency towards pretentious writing. I roll my eyes in my general direction, although it doesn't encourage writing, which is the whole point of this project.

I start muttering curses under my breath. I swear at the cats, I swear at myself, I swear with weariness and disgust. I get back on the horse and write some more.

I lose interest in and energy for editing. I know I want a different shape for a given piece, maybe even a drastic haircut of a difference, but I can't make myself whack it back into a better shape. Or I have no time and energy or attention span to make it happen.

Then I'm back to being bored by my own writing. No wonder I have sooo many readers! :) Hi! I wave in your general direction!

Come back tomorrow or next week. I'm sure things will improve.


Flying Saucer Jnes said...

Waves back! :)

Sympathize with the writing weariness. I'm going through an extended patch of writing ennui as well. My best posts happen owhile I'm on the bus. By the time I get home I'm too tired to write.

Joy! said...
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Joy! said...

Yeah, trying to make the time to write (or to capture ideas) makes me fantasize about one of those mini keyboard/laptops the size of a deli rye sandwich. Portable typing! I know I don't need another piece of equipment. I even sometimes write rough drafts on paper of all things, but still - oo! oo! It's so cuuuute! oh dear; I'm going to have to make this into a post... :)