Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Vignettes: Rain-Kale-Nursing

The rain patters, drips, drops, runs down the gutters with gurgles and rattling, flows shushingly down the streets, hissed by passing tires, roars through leaves and branches, sweeps across the landscape in waves of wind gusts, flurries and taps across the roof tiles, splats on the pavement, rustles the grass, slaps against other wet, streams and pours and sluices and dapples.

The leaves of green kale froth in a profusion of branchings, sharp edges, greens crenelated, shiny front and matte back, articulated veins, curls run riot, bound, spilling, escaping, rustling, pungent, releasing bitter sharp scents, promising a meal, carotenes glistening.

Suckling, sighing, the baby nurses, pulling, compelling, chewing, demanding, nestled snug, remarking, groaning, satisfaction of a belly filling, warm and contented, mother's scented, drowsing, lazy, then alert, searching and finding, fitting, reclining, earliest memories wrapped in warmth, contented, relenting, sleep descending.

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