Sunday, November 1, 2009

NaBloPoMo Strategizing

NaBloPoMo, Day 1

The first thing on my mind as we start of this month of writing is, how am I going to get through the whole month? As with everything else I'm trying to do theses days, it doesn't happen without a lot of organized intent and strategic prep work.

Number one on my list is to brainstorm a list of topics. I worked on that while nursing this afternoon. I have about 39 things on my list, although how many of those I will be able to turn into something worth posting is another question!

Number two, pre-write while nursing. It helps to organize my thoughts to think about a topic, jotting down specific points or phrases or how they might relate to each other. Then when I start to write, my brain is a little more primed to the topic at hand.

Number three, write a little on a few different things each day. Sometimes it takes a while to collect my thoughts on a topic to do it justice. So always having a few things being worked on at once helps the odds of something being *finished* on a given day.

Number four, used timed writing. Rather than trying to write perfectly, just write. Set the topic and have at it!

Number five, finish up what I can on each day. If a piece is far enough along, I can do a little editing without too much pain and aggravation.

Number six, don't worry too much about editing! Sometimes, a no-edit post is the best way to get it done. Hack it out if necessary.

Number seven, go if I have to go or the baby needs me. Like now.

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