Saturday, April 4, 2009

Favorite Escapist Routes

To occasionally mentally detach from everyday drudgery, I revert to some semi-obsessive activities. Love it. Need it.

Here's a list in no particular order:

FaceBook - What are my peeps up to?

Blogging - There are always things to write about or at least to think about writing about.

Thinking about potential blog posts - Writing posts in my head, most of which never make it.

Reading Blogs - I have a huge list. I have a short list of favorites that I read in sequence. An A list, a B list, a list of blogs I'd like to read if I have time and want to explore...

Reading the Comics - Either paper or online. Again, I have my list of about five favorites, and they update either daily or a few times per week.

Blip - My new find. Create your own radio! Listen to other's broadcast picks! Waste hours of time tracking down that obscure song you remember from college!

Twitter - Good for a few seconds at a time.

Working word puzzles. - I'm especially fond of the word scramble where you have to break the code. Feeds my high-verbal brain.

Read - This is so common, I almost forgot it! I read alla the time. Newspaper and novels, mostly. Some internet essays of course.

Photography & Photoshop - These really need to be separate. I can indulge in finding unusual compositions with just a camera in hand and a few minutes. Photoshop is a huge time suck! But satisfyingly mind-numbing if necessary.

What I'd like to do more of. These all require a little more planning and preparation, but still worthy of some escapism.

Sewing - I have a couple quilting projects in progress, a few curtains to make and some clothes to mend.

Painting/Drawing - Images in mind. I need to get them down before they go away.

Modeling clay - Love this oven bake sculpty stuff. Oh, the possibilities. Of course, I can't just use it straight out of the box; have to alter it create something closer to my vision, sometimes.

Dancing - I have been missing dancing. We've just started going back regularly.

Now maybe I'll.... mmm check twitter again, yeah, before doing something productive.


Flying Saucer Jones said...

Sorry about the Blip thing. (Heh heh) Then again you had heard about it before anyway. So give back my "sorry". (Mutter! Mutter!)

Now let's see. How can I help with the things you'd like to do more of?

Dancing: combine with Blip. Actually the sound of typing has a certain rythm. Hmmm.

Sewing: Hmmm. How about sowing instead. I have here some seeds I exchanged for a cow if you like.

Painting/Drawing: Attach a paintrush to your rocking chair. Put some paint on it. Set an easel next to the brush. Rock the wookie. Instant masterpiece.

Modelling clay: Can't help you with this one. There used to be Cassius Clay but he changed his name.

Joy! said...

Heh. I think you've done quite enough already.