Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What is This M0mmy Bl0g Business You Speak Of?

Saw a post recently on the m0m bl0ggers club the four "must haves" that m0mmy bl0ggers should have on their website.

Briefly: Contact information, domain name, a link to Twitter, and a review & disclosure policy.

I'm a trifle confused by this list, but maybe it's because I don't consider myself primarily a "m0mmy bl0gger."

First, contact information. Well, you can always leave a comment. I like comments. Nice ones, anyway. If you can't stand to comment (some people apparently feel this way) yet feel that you must communicate with me, you can find other ways to contact me through Twitter or Flickr or whatever. There are numerous messaging capabilities. In any case, I don't give out my primary email very often, so don't feel feel offended. (It's my ultimate anti-spam strategy.) Most of those messages go straight to my inbox anyway.

Second, domain name. Hmmm. I suppose, if you do want to present yourself as "serious" to the marketers and PR people out there. I am most succinctly doing this for myself, so I'm not really sure what a PR person would want to do with me. I once had a business and I had my own domain (hehe, I almost wrote damnain). This is not a business, so no domain.

Third, a link to Twitter. Well, finally something I can get behind! I love me some Twitter. I love little linky buttons too, which is why I will share a Twitter button-badge-and-widget link from the article.

[linkie things here]

Fourth, a review & disclosure policy. Whaa? The article specifies:
The disclosure helps inform your readers what they can expect from you as a blogger and product reviewer. ...And your review policy will inform PR reps what they can expect from you when they send you a product or if they are inquiring about sending you a product for review.
Well, if you look over on the right, see that little box there under profile information? See that? Something about about part journal, part list, part creative outlet, part brain-dump? Yeah. That's all I can really tell anyone what to expect. I AM DISCLOSING IT TO YOU NOW. I guess I should add the part about how sometimes I channel dooce, mimi smartypants or CecilyK, but you probably figure that out if you read for long.

As for review policy, I will offer my opinion for free if I feel strongly about something (just try to stop me!), unless you hope to make money off of me. Then we gotta tawk. Make me an offer or something. Is that clear enough? If for some reason you want my advice, I usually say that I can certainly share my opinion if I have one, meaning that I'm well aware that people may not want to take action based on my opinion.

On a slightly different note, the so-called m0mmy bl0g community is so huge and disparet that it's hard to characterize or target the entire group without annoying someone. It's almost fashionable to grouse about anyone talking about part of the group as if they were the whole.

And so it is with this article. I know lots of bloggers want to make money from their blogging. But in addition to the bloggers who happen to be moms (or dads) and parents who happen to write blogs, there are bloggers who happen to blog for compensation, and those of us who do not aspire to do so. This article steps its foot right into that particular hole. Hey! Not all Mommys who blog care about damn domain names!

There. I feel so much better now having given my opinion.


Flying Saucer Jones said...

I see so many articles about blogging that assume you want to make money. Good on ya for the post about the rest of us. :)

So many things to blog about; so little time (and not enough brain power for my part). Also hard to blog when virii are coursing through my blood.

Will stop rambling now and go back to bed.

Lori said...

Hmmm...making money off your kids...kind of perverse, isn't it? More so because it's usually without the knowledge or permission of the kids.

Flying Saucer Jones said...

@Lori On the other hand the little buggers take our money so maybe they owe us. :) No? Does this mean I have to give back the money I made off them?