Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Small Accomplishments

These days, I count my successes on one hand. If I get to the second hand, great! If I resort to my toes, my cup runneth over.

Eat breakfast. Oatmeal, banana, walnuts, toast, juice. I need fuel to keep myself going when I might not be able to eat for hours afterward.

Cook green vegetables. That broccoli has been calling my name.

Go for a walk in the neighborhood. All the azaleas are blooming in shades of pink, red, purple, peach and white. Pollen is floating in the air. Breezes blow both cool refreshing and warm sweaty. I work my way up and down the hills with an eleven pound baby strapped on. Slow and steady does it.

Post a blip or two. Listen a little, find a few tunes to post or "blip" on this radio station we make for ourselves. I veer wildly in what I want to find or listen to. I don't have enough time to lurk or post or even listen as much as I'd like. A little listen is nicer than nothing.

Take a bath. Give the baby a bath! She occasionally needs a good scrub down beyond the daily wiping. Oh, she doesn't like getting her hair wet at all. I, however, relish getting dunked properly.

Put the baby down at a reasonable hour. We are finding it takes some finesse to run that final feeding and settle. It's a fine feeling of accomplishment to coax her to slide into sleep.

Write a post or two. This may take me a few minutes or a few days. What I'm finding is that I will stay up later forsaking sleep for the sake of writing a little. As with many things, a little it better than nothing. This doesn't include all the writing I do in my head!

Go to bed at a reasonable hour. What time is it again? Time to stock up on sleep. Sweet sleep!


Flying Saucer Jones said...

If you find a way of posting directly from your head please let me in on the secret. Lately I have heaps of ideas but by the time I get to the computer (much later) the ideas are gone into som deep, dark recess of my brain.

By the way, Lego Lover still hates getting his head wet. Maybe your cherub will grow to like it.

Tracy said...

you should be very proud of your accomplished.As your kidlet gets older, the best thing for crabbiness is a long bath, and lots of floaty toys.