Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Reposting on Those Teeny Tiny Bottles

I been indulging in a bad habit recently, that of writing half a post in the guise of a comment on someone else's blog. After several occasions of this, it occurred to me that I should just write for my blog, already! I guess it doesn't cross my mind that I could write about this or that. So often I sit down to write and can only think about the boring drudgery in front of me. I need writing prompts so as to avoid endless poop reports. I am pretty sure that noone wants to read about that, tho I could be wrong.

On Twitter, one can retweet or RT an especially pithy tweet. So I'm thinking I need to RC? RP? i.e. repost and expand my verbose comments. Ya with me?

So here's one recent comment expanded into a whole post. I was responding to Mama Non Grata offering pointed suggestions on how to improve the sucky packaging of children's medications, especially small bottles, small type, and inadequate and unhygenic retrieval systems (i.e. the eyedropper that gets used over and over but can't manage to suck up the last bit of the very expensive medication).

Oh hell yeah I am with you, sister! I have been through those teeny tiny bottles with the Mylic0n (anti-gas), which my daughter goes through at a good clip. Who needs only 1/2 an ounce bottle? Insane! And for an even more outrageous price per ounce. Bottles for wealthy elves with magical sucking powers to retrieve every last little drop that clings to the bottom.

I am especially worked up about the size/price difference depending on where you find it. At some drugstores, only the 1/2 ounce bottle is available. If there is a larger, more economical size, they often seem to hide it. At a certain grocery store I frequent, the section of children's products has ONLY the expensive 1/2 ounce bottle. But if you go to the regular aisle where the children's meds lurk amongst the adults', lo and behold, there is a (slightly) less expensive 1 ounce bottle available. Not only that, but they give you an option of a dye-free med. Ya think maybe they are trying to take in more money from the less-observant consumer?

A related lesson might be that anything marketed for a specific demographic is sometimes marked up since it is "special" when in fact one can obtain the same or similar product for less if it's packaged for a different or general demographic. I'm guessing that anything targeted to a narrow demographic is overpriced. But still I get the stuff specifically for baby. I am very impressed with the Baby Aval0n Organics products, for instance. Yes, I bought the wee tiny package of wee tiny emory boards instead of finding the big ones somewhere in my cabinet. And the rather overpriced photo album that coordinates with the baby book, oh geez, I stepped into that one.

But maybe they could be less blatant about taking advantage of the new mother who is so sleep deprived that she barely has the time to blow her own nose, much less search for the more reasonably priced item. I could use a pint of the Mylic0n at a time, thank you very much.

And speaking of sleep deprived, one of my goals is to get to bed earlier. Like before midnight. I just hope I dream of something other than my baby crying or those ridiculously teeny tiny bottles. wuzzat?! ow, my breasts.

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